Wednesday, September 12, 2012

News: New Blogger and New Jersey Book Signing Tonight!

Senior year is a crazy, crazy time. I don't want to stop blogging or reading but I just felt so bad when I leave the blog blank or don't get a review out in time. So I went out in search for another blogger for With A Book. My cousin Kelli, writes reviews here everyone in awhile too, but I wanted one more person. I didn't have to look to hard since one of my best friends, and the first person I asked said yes. 

Me and Brittany!
I want you guys to meet Brittany! I've known her since 7th grade, where we bonded over books. I remember sharing everything that we read, even library books. (Since Brittany didn't have a card, I let her read them after I did). I'm really excited to have her on With A Book. Hopefully now with the two of us, With A Book will always be active. 

Now here's a small intro about herself that Brittany wrote for you guys!

How far away could I go if I traveled by foot, car, train, or plane? How much will it cost for me to visit the tombs in Egypt, to walk the hills of San Francisco, to breathe in the ocean air in the Philippines? May I please eat a croissant on the streets of Paris or smell the meadows of a faraway fairytale? In real life, I cannot slay a Medieval dragon or kiss a cute Italian boy by the Trevi Fountain but through books I can. A book transports you to any destination or time period through the power of words. Words provide you with the opportunity to forget about real life and to live as a character, someone completely different. I love books that make me forget about the present and books that I can never forget. A good book lets you travel the world without ever leaving the couch. This is why I read. My name is Brittany and I have an incurable case of wanderlust. Danielle, my best friend who turned me into a reading addict years ago, has asked me to write some reviews for this wonderful blog. I look forward to reviewing hopefully once a week for you all!

- Both of us are super excited! We are already planning so much stuff! Brittany's first review will be up on tomorrow! :) 

--Also Brittany at the moment is slightly anti-social media sites. I'm going to try and change that. Twitter is very essential for a blogger, don't you guys agree?

 In other news, this is kind of last minute, but I'm off to a book signing at Barnes and Nobles tonight in Freehold NJ! I just thought I would put the word out there to see if any other bloggers are going. 

The book signing is for a local authors. I'm going to see Danielle Sibarium, the author of Heart Waves and For Always!  

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