Thursday, January 31, 2013

Book Related Coupons And Bargains

Books, and fun book accessories can be so expensive! Well I recently received a few coupons, I thought I would share them with you guys!

Valentines coupon from Barnes and Nobles!

Coupon Code Online: 728VS7F13RAVS

Out of Print Clothing is celebrating 3 years. They have also fund raised 440,000 books to donate. Some of those even went to Hurricane Sandy Victims.
To celebrate they have a 20% off coupon!

I plan on purchasing one of this sweatshirts in my next Out of Print Clothing purchase. I have a few shirts but I have yet to purchase a sweatshirt from them. Pride and Prejudice and Little Women are some of my favorite books too. 
And as always amazon has some great books on sale for kindle owners!

I have always loved this small contemporary romance novels. They are fun to read and a great when you are stuck home in a snow storm. Anything by Rachel Hawthorne is a feel good romance that you will become addicted to. 

Now this was an exciting Vampire novel. The sequel recently came out, so this one is perfect to pick up. You won't have to wait long after you read the cliff hanger at the end of Infinite Days. 

Jane, is the retelling of Jane Eyre. I really enjoyed this new interpretation of the classic story. 

Blue Bloods is another vampire novel that you don't want to miss. Melissa De La Cruz created a world of magic and mystery that you won't want to leave. 


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