Friday, May 21, 2010

Buying or Borrowing?

There’s so many different ways to read books. You could go to a bookstore like Barnes and Noble’s, or Borders, you can borrow books from a library, browse through a used bookstore, or even buy e-books.

How do you get your books? Personally I like to go to the library, why buy something when you don’t know if you’ll like it? In the library you can also find books that bookstores no longer have in stock. Sure you can find them on-line, but then you can’t flip through the pages, which is my favorite part of looking for books. I love reading little passages, or just smelling the pages.

If I find a great book in the library that I know I’ll read again, sometimes I’ll go to a bookstore or find a used copy on-line. Then if I come across an amazing first book to a series from in the library, I’ll buy the rest as they come out. Which is why most books in my bookshelves are only parts of a series. I really only own two complete ones Twilight and Uglies. Of course when people look through my bookshelves for books to borrow it makes them so frustrated. Maybe I should start actually buying the first book in a series?


  1. I buy pretty much all my books. Because I get a lot for review, I don't really have time for library books because my review books come before everything else I may want to read. And if I don't like the book I just trade it for another one that I want. I also get a lot from Paperbackswap which is awesome. =]

  2. I don't have heaps of cash lying around (cause i don't have a job, haha) so I love borrowing books. my public library is stocked pretty well with YA books, maybe just a few months after released dates so all i really need is patience :P If there are books that are fantastic (like courtney summers' books!) the lib doesnt have, I would end up buying it.

  3. I do it all. I buy a few (just the ones I'm DYING for, or the ones I have the rest of the series of), I reserve lots of books from the library, my friend Lori sends me packages of books to borrow, and I get a lot of books on paperbackswap. I love my books, so I prefer to own, but I don't have money for all of them so thank goodness for the library and friends! I'm getting an ereader the end of June and I'll get more e-review books then as I never get to ebooks on my computer.

  4. If I had a ton of money...then I would buy them all. Probably. But really, you have to make a plan if you're on a budget. I think your "If it's good enough to read again" plan is great - it's the one I usually go by. Although it does drive me nuts to only have part of a series. I'm the type of person who likes completeness, if that makes sense.

    - Rebecca


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