Monday, February 24, 2014

Is Cassandra Clare ever going to stop writing Shadowhunter books?

Probably not.
Just like they are never going to stop making Avengers sequels or Pirates of the Caribbean movies, because they keep making money.
If you haven't heard by now Cassandra Clare is writing TWO (possibly three) more trilogies into her Shadow Hunter world. One is going to be a sequel to the prequel and the other is a sequel to main trilogy that was continued into the 6 book series.

Are you confused, because I sure am.

While I love the main series, and I mean LOVE, I didn't like the prequel as much. I feel like Cassandra Clare keeps telling the same story over and over again. The first three books in the Mortal Instrument were perfect. It was a great start, middle and end. Yet, I was happy to see the story continue. I was even happy to see the prequel. I just don't feel like they live up to the first trilogy that the story started with.

It good to know when to stop. BUT, realistically these books are making the publishers money and as long as Cassandra Clare wants to keep writing more, they'll keep publishing them.

And to be honest? I'm going to keep buying them. (which is really why we have this problem)

How do you feel about the series continuing? Here's the FULL article if you want to know more about Cassandra Clare's plans for the series.


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