Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Vampire Academy Movie Review

Vampire Academy was one of my favorite series when I first started reading Young Adult novels in middle school. I was beyond excited to see it on the big screen. I even dragged my roommate there on the day it opened. While I was excited for Vampire Academy, I didn’t have high expectations from the trailers that I had seen before going to the theaters. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the film, and loved every minute of it!
This is a fun movie, that you can’t take to seriously just like Mean Girls (which the director from Vampire Academy also worked on). It has the same sarcastic and fun vibe while tackling the intense plot from the book. It highlights the sarcasm and the high school drama, while also cleverly explaining the mythical world the movie takes place in.
The actress that played Rose was perfect. She got the character from the book down perfectly. I was a little concerned about Dimitri at first but his acting was great, and so was their chemistry. BUT, he did have a few lines that I couldn’t make out. I’m not sure if that was something from with my theater or the actual movie itself. The only actor I did have a problem with was Lisa, she felt forced and also very un-relatable. I loved Lisa in the novels but something about her on the screen just annoyed me.
The only other thing I had a problem with in Vampire Academy was a few directing decisions. It had a few weird camera angles and transitions, but they were mostly in the beginning of the film. Other than that Vampire Academy is a movie I can watch over and over again! I can actually see it becoming a sleep over staple just as Mean Girls is today.
 Anyone can enjoy this movie if they don’t take it too seriously. My roommate that I dragged to see it? She hadn’t read the book and didn’t know anything about the movie going in. I don’t even think she saw a trailer. Yet, she enjoyed it as much as I did. You don’t have to be a fan of the book to like this one. Now I just hope they make the sequel!

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