Monday, June 10, 2013

Hello Again!

Wow it's really been awhile! I'm not going to go on about where I've been, it was just senior year stuff but I'm back now!

I'm going to try to start posting every day again or just about everyday. I have about 40 something books that I've read and need to review. So I have a bunch of work to do! There was also a bunch of news, movies, and new books while I was away. It might be a little late for a Great Gatsby movie review but you can expect one up soon, and other posts like that.

If you went to BEA I would love to hear how it was!!!! I was really upset that I couldn't go this year but I've been so busy with my senior year. Plus one of the requirements for BEA is posting twice a week, which I obviously was not doing. But there's always next year!

One more thing! With A Book is now on TUMBLR!

I wanted to switch from blogger because it was annoying the heck out of me but I really don't know my way around computers. But I love tumblr. I have an addiction. So I decided to also put With A Book on Tumblr.

Plus so many authors have tumblr websites, this way I can reblog them, comment, and stuff like that.

Basically everything on this site will be on tumblr, but also fun book gif's and pictures! Make sure you go check that out.


Review of Fault in our Stars by John Green tomorrow

p.s. if I own anyone a book review expect it to be up with in the next month, sorry about the wait.

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