Tuesday, April 27, 2010

In My Mailbox!!!!

So these are my first actual ARC’s that I’ve received in book form (I have a few e-books). I am so excited to read them! The first is The extraordinary secrets of April, May and June by Robin Benway. I loved her book Audrey, Wait! So I can’t wait to read this one. The next is The Eternal Ones by Kristen Miller. By just reading the summary on the back I’m excited to read this. The last one is The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff. The cover is very creepy yet interesting and the summery is the same. This definitely looks like a book that should be read ‘after dark’ as Maggie Stiefvater quotes on the cover.

All these books were sent to me by Gillian at Razor Bill. I just want to thank-you again. These look amazing and I’ll definitely enjoy reading them. My reviews will be up as soon as possible!



  1. Wow those look good! I think the replacement sounds excellent!

    Margs @

  2. Ooh, these look great. I can't wait to read teh benway one :) loved her first book


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