Friday, September 16, 2011

The Secret Circle (TV Show)

L.J. Smith's books have been getting much deserved attention in the last few years due to The Vampire Diaries. Which if you don't know is a book turned to successful TV show on the CW. While I haven't read the book I've been addicted to the show from day one.

An L.J. Smith book that I have read and loved would be the Secret Circle. This is one that I read back in middle school when I just starting my love for YA paranormal books. I have read other L.J. Smith books, yet Secret Circle has always been my favorite. I was beyond excited to here it was being made into a TV show.

Now what did I think of the TV show? If you didn't know it premiered last night after the Vampire Diaries. Both shows are produced by the same person and it shows. They are both dark, paranormal but change to a normal day light in an instant. I like how the Vampire Dairies is directed and the same goes for Secret Circle.

For the most part they have stayed true to the book, and I know this most likely won't continue (like with Vampire Diaries) but I will continue watching anyway. The show is fast paced and so far the characters are great. You have the good girl main character, the bad girl, the leader, forbidden romance, and the hot neighbor. Oh, and of course the secretive parents. So far so good.

If you didn't catch the Secret Circle on yesterday make sure you watch it on The CW 9:00 eastern time next week (well that's if you like paranormal TV shows).


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  1. I've heard that the Secret Circle is a good TV show actually my friends watch it and I want to realize why it is so good.


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