Wednesday, April 28, 2010

E-Books and E-Readers?

So I was sent some e-books the other day. I thought I’d be perfectly fine reading them. And so far I have been, but it takes forever to finish the book because the Internet is so close! I get distracted very easily, like right now I’m writing this post instead. I just wanted to know what you guys think of e-books and e-readers. Do you love them? Hate them? Do you think reading on the computer will ruin your eyes? Do you have an E-reader?

Tell me what you think! I’d love to here from you.

(and now I’m back to reading)


  1. I plan to purchase one when I have the money, or when it doesn't seem like anything better is going to come along (kinda like how MP3 players settled down). I've tried out the Nook, and it was very easy on my eyes, almost easier than a book. It won't replace my printed books. There will still be those I buy because I love the author, or love the series. But for the average book purchase, I think I'd definitely use an e-reader.

  2. I think it is basically the same issue people have with actual CD's verses MP3s on an ipod or something. Personally, I like to hold a book to my face, be able to flip the pages.

  3. I have a Kindle & I have about 10+ books on the device right now - - it's great for hard to find books or new releases ( because I don't want to pay $20+ for hardback when I can read it the day is comes out for $9.99 or less thanks to Amazon. & I love the highlight feature - - it helps me keep up w/ my fav. quotes from the book. ) however, I still buy physical books when it comes to comics / graphic novels because I'm weird like that - - or if I really love a book's cover I'll own the kindle version & the paperback version *as soon as it's available*


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