Monday, May 23, 2011


Most people who are attending BEA are already in New York or on there way there. Sadly I am unable to attend BEA until Wednesday, but I'm not complaining I'm just happy to be attending BEA at all. Being sixteen and not able to travel and walk around New York by myself plus being in school right now I'm just lucky it all worked out so I can go at all.

On Wednesday morning I'll be leaving my house to take the bus up to New York City then taking Taxi to the Javits Center. Then doing the same thing getting home. I'll be doing this again on Thursday. I'm probably going to be going crazy...but oh well. 

For anyone else attending BEA and you see me there come and say hi! I've done plenty of vlog's but in case you forgot what I look like here's a picture. 

(Okay bad picture but my computer is making them all blurry)

I have dark brown hair, blue eyes, and pale skin with freckles. Oh and braces....I hate my braces (they come off this summer YAY!, but there white so you can't tell from a distance like the picture above).

Even though I'm reading EVERY post I can find on BEA I'm still so nervous. I'm obsessing over EVERY little detail from what to wear to what to bring. Hoping I don't bring to much or to little. Right now I'm planning on bringing 

-Digital Camera 
-Cell Phone (For tweeting!!)
-Money (for the signing donations)
-Food (whatever I can fit in my bag)
-Business Cards!
-Nook ( armed with new books for bus ride)
-Ipod (armed with new songs for bus ride)
-Maybe a suitcase, I haven't decided yet. 
-Pen ( You can never go ANYWHERE with out a pen. You never know when you're going to need it)

For what I'm wearing I'm still not sure. Probably black pants with a nice shirt, cardigan, and flats. I don't really own comfy shoes. I with buying cute shoes and not caring if they're comfy. My flats are the only thing that don't kill my feet and are good for 84 degree  73 degree (the weatherman changed the forecast)  weather and my sneakers stay in my gym locker. 

I don't have my days all planned out but there are some signings I would like to attend. I've never EVER been to an author signing. I've never actually met an author so I'm SUPER excited about this. 


Lauren Oliver - 9:30 - 10:30 
Ally Condi  (For Crossed!!!!!) 10- 11
Julie Kagawa 11-12
Maria V. Snyder 12- 12:45 (LOVE HER!)
Anna Godbersen 12 - 12:30
Maureen Johnson 12- 12:30
Richelle Mead - 2-3 (For Bloodlines!!!!)


Melissa Marr- 10:30 - 11:30
Sarah Mlynowski - 12- 12:30

I probably will not get to all them but I'm going to try my best. Do you have and suggestions for Debut authors I should see?

If you can't go I promise to take lots of videos and pictures. I'm also going to be tweeting the whole time, or as much as I can. I'm also going to try and maybe do a few giveaway with books I get. You should also check out BEA Armchair if you're not going. I don't know much about it but I here its going to be really great!

You should still see posts from me this week since I will be home everyday AND I'm only going to be gone for two days. I'm also have scheduled posts for the week. 

If you have ANY suggestions AT ALL for me please comment or email me ( I would love advice. Or if you are going to be there email me! I'd love to meet up sometime during BEA. 


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