Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bookexpo America Day 1

            On Wednesday morning I woke up at 5:25 to get ready and catch the 6:25 bus to New York City! This is the same time I would have been up and going to school, so it didn’t feel to different for me. Since I’m not old enough to travel or go to the Javits by myself I brought my mom with me. (This ending up being a good this since my mom is in better shape then I am and could help carry all the books.)

            We arrived in NY around 7:30 and took a Taxi to the Javits Center. Neither my mom nor me know anything about New York so we took the safe route of a taxi. When we got there we went straight to the Press Registration booth to get our badges. Since it was the second day there was no line at all, which was good. Then we walked around for a little while not realizing that the people sitting on the floor were the line to get in. oops. We ending up being really far back in line but we know for tomorrow to get in line RIGHT AWAY.

            Sitting inline for the exhibit hall I met hall I met Renee from The Book Girl Reviews. She was so nice! She gave me and my mom some pointers and told us what to expect. Also when we got into the exibit hall she got me the coolest cards EVER.

They have pictures of YA books and authors on them. How cool is that?

 Once we were in the first 5 minutes were CRAZY! I’m serious! Everyone is crazy! People were running and pushing to get the arcs. Being so far back in line we didn’t get any arc’s right away, but that’s okay. Those books will be out in print eventually.

            My mom and I walked around the exhibit hall for about 30 minutes before we come across a line, which we found out was for Ally Condi!!!! I was going to wait till 10 to find her signing but I’m glad we hopped in early. By ten the line seemed to go on forever behind us! We talked to some of the nicest people in the autograph lines and they were really helpful.

(Ignore my weird face...But look it's Ally Condi!)

            After that we went to some publishing booths and got some ARC’s. We were passing by the Elizabeth Scott signing and someone was giving away there ticket! Since there was no tickets left that person gave their ticket to me. Whoever that person is you are AWESOME. Elizabeth Scott is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She even gave me a hug. After that I got my picture with the new Cassandra Clare book cover. 

            We hopped into a bunch of signings, some for my mom and others for me, but by 2 o’clock our feet were killing us and so were our shoulders. So we decided to head out and go to lunch. We ended up to a café just a block away from the center and I think every single person in there was from BEA. We talked to the people in the table next to us and we really did meet some of the nicest people.

            Today I will be doing everything again plus going to the Strand!!! (Can’t wait to see that, everyone says it’s incredible). Somethings I am going to different tomorrow:

1)      Bring a suitcase! Such a smart idea and I don’t know why I didn’t listen to everyone in the first place. 
2)      Talk to more people, bloggers and publishers. I’m such a shy person and I don’t like to just go up and talk to people. I’m going to change this tomorrow!
3)      Pack lighter. I had brought way to much stuff with me. Tomorrow I’m going to leave more at home.

Books from today: (excluding my mom's books):
(Signed Books)


(Some swag)  

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