Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Journey To The Past: Stick Figure

Journey To The Past: When most people go to the bookstore or library they look at the new releases, but what about all those other books? They deserve some love too. So once a week I write about a slightly older book.

It's been MONTHS since my last JTTP. I miss these, I'm going to have to try and do them more often. 

Stick FigureStick Figure
By Lori Gottlieb
First published in 1998

This is a touching story about an eleven-year-old girl, Lori who has a problem with anorexia. The book is actually about the author, it was her journal that she kept during her struggle with the eating disorder. I have read a few books about girls struggling with their body image and eating disorders but never one about a girl so young. Specifically knowing this was a true story really makes it stick with you.

In the beginning Lori is this smart girl who could even skip a grade if she wanted. Therefore Lori has never cared what anyone else thought about her appearance or even what or how she eats.  At the dinner table she would eat as much has she wants, and not care. Till her mother and other adults start commenting on her un-lady like habits. As Lori watches all the other women and girls in her life not eat anything and see how skinny they are, she starts to question what she’s doing. Consequently she sees herself as fat and stops eating all together.
The book captures your attention and makes you think. It’s easy to tell that an eleven-year-old girl wrote the story. Likewise it’s easy to tell how Lori really didn’t know she was doing anything wrong. However I wish there was on emphasis on how Lori got better and her life after the disorder.  Otherwise this is really a book that every girl should read. More importantly every girl and boy should know the impacts and the dangerous of eating disorders. 


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