Thursday, March 3, 2011

BookExpo America

I’m lucky enough to live just a few hours away from the incredible New York City. I’ve been there a few times to see the Thanksgiving Parade, or the Christmas Tree.  I saw the Tuba Christmas list year that was pretty cool. Anyway because I live so close to New York it makes going to BEA possible for me. The only expenses that I’ll have to pay is travel and food, if I eat somewhere in New York.

As of today I’m am officially going to BEA, I’m registered and accepted (as editorial press!!!) so all that’s left to do is wait for May. I’m extremely excited to go to BEA because I've never been to a book event before. EVER. Well I went to the Breaking Dawn release party at my local Barnes and Nobles but I don’t think that counts. I have never met an author, or been to something as remotely as important as this. I do live close to NY but not close enough to go there for book signings whenever I want.  Now you can see why I’m so excited for this right?

As of right now I’m not sure if I can go all three days, I really want to but I can’t miss to many days of school right before finals. I’m also missing two days in April because I’m going to the Cherry Blossom parade with the marching band. (I've heard some thing about my high school marching band performing with Glee! Not sure if this is true yet.) We’ll see, as it gets closer, hopefully I can go all three days.
Well I’m making this post to get some advice from people that have been to BEA before because I have NO IDEA what I’m doing. I know I have over 2 months till the event but I’m freaking out! Also if your going to let me know I would love to meet some other bloggers while I’m there. I’ll be making some more posts freaking out about BEA as it gets closer, I promise. Just right now I have a billion and one questions floating around my head.

Here’s a few…

What do I wear?
What do I bring?
What time should I get there?
I’ve heard about needing business cards, what does that mean?
Is it important to go all three days?
When do you find out what authors are going to be there?

^See I’m kind of crazy…

Sorry that this posts was all ramblings, I’ll an actual review tomorrow, or maybe I’ll do a fragment Friday I’m not sure yet.

Leave a comment if you going too, or if you've read a great informative post that might help me!


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