Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Review: Outside In

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Outside In (Inside Out, #2)Outside In
By: Maria V. Snyder
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Received from Net Galley. 
This is the sequel to the book Inside Out, so if you haven’t read that one yet you should skip out on reading this review. I don’t want to spoil anything for you, but if you haven’t read Inside Out I highly recommend you do. It is incredible and you can see my review of it here.
Outside In picks up just where Inside Out left off, there is even a quick review of what happened in the previous book. Since I had read Inside Out a while ago I loved the quick summary of it in the beginning. It didn’t feel forced like most summaries do in the beginning of sequels. It flowed very nicely, but I still think it would be confusing to read Outside In with out reading the first book.
            Now that Trella has lead a huge rebellion she just wants to be left alone, not wanting anything to do with the new government. She believes that the committee that was put together can govern just fine without her. Trella feels at ease in the pipes away from everyone else. Then events start to unravel that cause Trella to look over her choices.
            Through out Outside In you find much more action then in the first novel, politically and physically. With the quick pace and drama around every corner I found myself flying through the pages. There were so many unexpected twists and turns, if I hadn’t read the summary on goodreads I don’t think I wouldn’t have been able to figure anything out before it happened. (I recommend not reading the summary if you haven’t already, it is a slight spoiler)
            Trella while timid and a bit careless in the beginning of the novel is still this brave and strong character that I with I could be like. Sure she has her flaws but they make her realistic. Then there is Riley and really who need an Edward, Jace or Peeta when you can have Riley. He is on the list of fictional characters that I wish were real. There is more romantic drama in Outside In then there was in the first book. Which is something that I thought Inside Out was lacking in, so I’m glad to see more if it here.
            Maria V. Synder writes these amazingly realistic characters I think that’s why I love her books so much. She is an author that has never disappointed me, but she’s not afraid to kill of her characters like we saw in Inside Out, which keeps us on our toes. This is a series that I always recommend because it has something for everyone so you just can’t go wrong. While it is categorized as Sci-fi that’s just because of where it takes place, the story revolves around the characters. So don’t let that scare you away from this incredible book.


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