Monday, February 28, 2011

Review: Where I Belong

Where I BelongWhere I Belong
By: Gwendolyn Heasley
Publisher: Harperteen


 First off the cover, which is the reason I picked up the book, is just beautiful. The bright colors catch your eyes and you can really see the different between the main character from New York and the one from Texas.  The cover has a very Romantic feel and makes it look like a great summer romance.

Now that I talked about the cover I should talked about the actual book. Where I Belong is about Corrinne who lives in New York City shopping at Barneys, going to the best parties sneaking into clubs. She basically lives the life everyone wants. Well until her father gets laid off and she has to go to Texas instead of the boarding school of her dreams. If that’s not bad enough she also has to get a job shoveling manure. All Corrinne wants is to get back to her life in New York till she starts to learn about life down in Texas.

I picked up “Where I Belong” because it looked like a cute romance. After reading countless paranormal book in the last month, I wanted to read something cute and fun. This is definitely not what I was expecting but I couldn't put it down.  The story moved slowly and was very predictable but it was believable and entertaining.  From the cover I was expecting a summer romance like book, but there wasn't much romance. The story focused on the characters and how they changed and grew. I think that’s what made it such a good story.

It was because of the characters that I couldn't put the book down. Corrinne while very annoying in the beginning (you are even warned about that before the first chapter) you get to watch her grow and learn. Kitsy is the first friend Corrinne makes in Texas she is so cute and bubbly! She’s just one of those people that you wish you could be friends with. Then you have Tripp, Corrinne’s little brother who was hilarious and energetic. All the characters work so well in the novel. Each one has their own personality, and their own purpose.

If you want a break from paranormal and fantasy books you should pick up Where I Belong. It is also a great book if you’re a fan of Sarah Dessen or Rachel Hawthorne. If you do pick it up you might want to save it to read on the beach this summer. 


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