Thursday, February 17, 2011

Review: Across the Universe

This cover so so pretty! One of my favorites
and its reversible! How cool is that?

Across the Universe
By: Beth Revis
Publisher Razorbill (January 2011)

Warning: This is a novel for older teens. 14+ like the book suggests, at least. It has some intense themes. I’m only putting this down because I wish someone had warned me about a few YA books when I was younger.

**Spoiler free so for the people who have read the book, thats why certain things are a bit off. (You'll know what I mean)

“Wow.” That was the first thing I thought when I finished Across the Universe.  Well that and “I need the sequel now!”  At first I didn’t know if I was going to enjoy it , I’m usually not a fan of science fiction. The only one I have actually liked was the Host by Stephenie Meyer. But after being persuaded by many bloggers and the beautiful cover I picked it up. I’m so glad I did.

Throughout the story you get to see inside the heads of the two main characters Amy and Elder. Amy is a girl from earth who was frozen to be transported and woken up at their new planet in 300 years. Elder is in training to be the future leader of the ship Godspeed that Amy and the other frozen ‘cargo’ are on.  Fifty years before the ship gets to the destination someone wakes Amy up. Leaving her on in this new place that she can’t under stand.

From the first chapter where you read about Amy having to leave her life and boyfriend on earth to be frozen with her family, to the very end, there is suspense on every page. Beth Revis throws so many plot twists in the story line its hard to put Across the Universe down. I know I couldn’t. I also give props to the author for her ‘slang’ curse words. It makes sense that 250 years later they would be using different words.Is it bad to say that I thought they were cute?

I can’t wait for the sequel, even if it’s half as good as Across the Universe it will still be epic. (If that makes sense) This is definitely another amazing 2011 novel; I haven’t read one that disappointed me yet. If all the 2011 books are as good as Across the Universe this is going to be an unbelievable year for YA fiction.


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