Monday, February 7, 2011

Review: Anna And The French Kiss

Anna and the French KissAnna And The French Kiss
By Stephanie Perkins 
Publisher:  Dutton, December 2nd 2010 

Cute, charming and love-able! I can’t think of better way to describe this book. Yet it’s also probably one of the worst words I could use in a review. It gives you the completely wrong idea about the story. While it was filled with adorable moments that make you smile and laugh it also was filled with plot and real problems. That’s why I think Anna and the French Kiss so well liked. It was cute but realistic.

Anna And The French Kiss was about Anna being sent to a boarding school in Paris for her senior year by her father. Exciting right? Not for Anna, she would rather finish her last year at high school with her all her friends, and the crush who kissed her before she left. Anna doesn’t really start enjoying the wonders of Paris until Étienne St. Claire starts showing her around. She and St. Claire quickly becoming very close friends. Of course, Anna knows he’s insanely hot, with a swoon worthy accent but she also knows he has a girlfriend. Plus she has her crush back home in Atlanta, which complicates things.

Humor! There’s so much of it through out the whole novel. I loved reading in Anna’s point of view she has this sarcastic and hilarious attitude that always kept me laughing. Then there’s St. Claire who seems so perfect yet has many flaws. It made him so realistic, I mean he was shorter then Anna! You don’t see this to often in YA fiction. The guy is usually a ‘perfect’ bad boy.

The plot of Anna and the French Kiss was completely it’s own. It wasn’t just one of those novels completely about romance. These characters were thrown into so many different complications. It seemed almost impossible for them to be happy. Once they get into a grove that seemed to work something would throw them off. This book touched so many different topics. I don’t want to give too much away. You should just know it’s not another romance novel. Stephanie Perkins is an author you’re going to want to watch.

If you don’t believe me about the epic-ness of Anna and the French Kiss well take a look at some of these reviews. This should help convince you.

The Story Cellar

Reading Teen:

"Very sly. Very funny. Very romantic. You should date this book."
— Maureen Johnson
This is a quote that can be found on the hard cover copy. I wish I could date this book Hint-Hint St. Claire.

"Imagine a mug of rich, thick hot chocolate. Now add a swirl of sweet whipped cream. Yummy? Oui. Well, Anna and the French Kiss is richer, sweeter, and—yes—even hotter. You're in for a very special treat."
Another quote from the hard copy but they are just so true that I have to share them.


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