Saturday, February 19, 2011

Book Accessories!

Bloggers talk about reading and books all the time. We are book bloggers after all, it's really all we talk about. What about all those fun accessories that you use with your books? I love to shop, and I mean LOVE. It's really somewhat of a problem but here are some book accessories that I have found and loved while shopping.

First we have the all important Bookmarks. What could we do with out them? I don't spend much on book marks anymore because I ALWAYS loose them but here are some adorable ones.

Owl Bookmarks Pair Pretty Bright Pink and Blue Felt with Green Owls
I found these at They are so cute! Here's the  LINK to them

Twilight Eclipse Bookmark - Book Cover image on an Upcycled Scrabble Tile
You can also get bookmarks to represent your favorite books, like this Eclipse bookmark made on a scrabble tile. How cute is that? Link to this HERE.

Spring Mushrooms Magnetic Bookmark
This is one of my favorites! The design on it is very cute and bright, but it's also magnetic! I thought that was different and it keeps the book mark from falling out of your spot. There are many different designs for this bookmark, you should check them out.  You can find the link for it HERE.  They are all very affordable, and would make great gift. I know I want one! 

Another accessories you'll need with your books is a Book Light!  

First we have the average book light's nothing special about them You can pick them up in almost any store.
book lights
Then you have the average book light with a twist, Two lights!

Then if you want to be creative and hands free with your book light, you can get this one...

Now we have the Book Pillow!  

Okay so this one is a bit weird and I can't find a link to where you can buy it. I got one for Christmas, I don't use it while I'm reading the book but I do use it has a bookmark for resting my books while I'm not reading them. I really like my book pillow. 


Next we have Book Ends 
These come in all different shapes and colors. They are perfect for making your books look good on your shelf. 

October Hill Dora Designs Cuddly Creature Bookends, Owl Pair, 5-1/2-Inch Tall
I thought these Owls were the cutest things ever! I want one. I found them on Amazon HERE.

 Black+Blum James the Doorman Door Stop
This one is different, and I love it! The guy pushing to keep the books up is a cute idea. I also found this one on amazon HERE

Fleur de lis Bookends
Book ends can be on the expensive side, but I found these on for only 18.99. Thats a great price for these beautiful bookends! Here's the LINK.

The last thing on my Book Accessories list is a Purse. I know I have to have a big purse to bring with me everywhere so I can fit a book or two inside of it. 

Braided Handle & Vertical Zip Bag
This one is from Charlotte Russe, one of my favorite stores. Their bags are pretty and cheep plus most are big  enough to hold all my junk and a book. Link HERE

Kathy bags are another ones that I really like. They are stylish and big. You can also find them at places like TJ-Max and Marshals for less. Link HERE

Thats all I have for book accessories. I had so much fun making this post, searching the internet and wanting to buy so many things. If you have any accessories you want to share put it in the comments! 

--Danielle <3


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