Saturday, March 26, 2011


When I here the word piracy the first thing that come to my mind is Pirates. Most of us would probably even get an image of Jack Sparrow with the theme song playing in the background.  Pirates of the Caribbean being my favorite movie (at least one of them) I know that what I think when I here piracy. Mostly I remember this scene, when I first met Jack Sparrow when I was nine years old.

Since then I’ve had a fascination with pirates. In books and movies, I think that’s even why I started fencing.  The word piracy to me had always been something good, almost comical (because of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy) so we tend to forget why piracy is such a bad thing.

Piracy doesn’t just mean pirates with swords in the 1800’s  or the hot jack sparrow. Piracy is stealing.  Right now there’s a problem with e-piracy and e-books. Everyone should know that it’s WRONG. I just don’t understand how anyone could see a good side to it. An author sat down and wrote a book, most of the time it takes them YEARS to finish. Then you go and steal they’re work. 

If you can’t afford to go out and buy every book you want to read, that’s okay! Just go to your local library, and if they don't have the book you want to read then REQUEST IT! The librarians there want to help you, they love to read and see people reading. I’ve requested so many books at my local library. You can also borrow E-BOOKS from many libraries now. So there is no excuse to steal someone’s hard work.

I made these button's awhile ago and they have been on my blog ever since but I recently saw this topic come up again. I thought I needed to make another post. 

Feel free to use these buttons ANYWHERE! E-piracy needs to stop, people need to see how wrong it is. 

Would you walk into Borders and take book? Then why download one illegally. If you are one of those people that do this I dare you to talk to the author you stole from. Almost all authors have twitters, blogs, or websites now. Go and talk to them, meet them and then tell me you don't regret downloading illegal.

Everyone should help spread the word. 


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