Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bookexpo America Day 2

Warning: Still haven't had a decent nights sleep so don't hold any typo's or over-used words against me. 

I was going to write up this post when I got back from BEA day two, like I did with day one but I was exhausted. I basically got home and went to bed. Well add eating, showering and doing my neglected math homework, but after two LONG days walking around the city I needed some sleep.

The second day of BEA I actually knew what to expect. We got in line for the exhibit floor an hour early, and actually brought a suitcase to help save our shoulders a little bit. When I had woke up Thursday morning my shoulders didn't want to move, they were in so much pain and I didn't even have that many books  the first day. I heard about my feet hurting but I was not prepared for the shoulders. (I can deal with hurting feet, and I think anyone who has ever been in a marching band will agree it's ten times worse then BEA). But we lived, the pain was well worth and amazing-ness that was BEA.

I actually had a list of all the signings I wanted to go to the second day. I was relying on the BEA app Wednesday and it was horrible. I hated that App. It was slow and seemed to never work or tell me the right times. Thursday I came prepared with an actual list on PAPER. Which was much smarter and easier.

Melissa Marr
I got to meet Melissa Marr! I think this was one of the highlights of BEA. Melissa was awesome and I got both Darkest Mercy and Enthralled signed by her. I also ran into Kiera Cass while at BEA. She makes videos on Youtube and also has a book coming out in summer of 2012 called The Selection. I've been watching her vidoes on Youtube for awhile. I was obsessed with Twilight when I first read it (I still am...) and found her twilight videos and have been watching them ever since. It was really cool to meet her and she was so nice!

I went to a bunch of other signing while I was there like Sarah Mlynowski. I also met a few other bloggers which I have to say was one of the best parts. Seeing the bloggers that you follow online. My mom and I stayed at BEA until 1:30 - 2:00 ish. When we went to our suitcase to put all the books in, when we realized it was WAY to small. Well another thing we learned for next year. So we tried to cram as many books as we could into the little thing and carried the rest in a bag.

While having all those books we headed over to the Strand. Yup, we brought a suitcase of books to The Strand. At least the employees there understood our suitcase of books problem and were fine with it. We spend about an hour there I think. It has to be the coolest bookstore ever. Everyone tells me its huge but I never really believed them until I saw it.  Books were everywhere you looked! They were also cheaper then in a bookstore like Barnes and Nobles.  I wish I lived in New York just to visit that book store everyday.

We only left the bookstore because I had forgotten to eat while at BEA (Why eat when you can see all these amazing books and people? It seems like a waste of time in the moment) so I was feeling dizzy, thats when we headed over a block to eat at Saigon Market. It was really good and if you're ever around the Strand I really recommend it.

After we ate my mom and I walked over to Union Square and hung out around there for awhile and saw some interesting things. Like a guy in a cowboy hat making a sand moral on the sidewalk. It was really pretty, I wish I had that artistic talent. I can only draw stick figures and 3-D blocks. To get back to the bus station  we took the subway! And don't forget we still had a suitcase and bags full of books. Somehow we didn't get lost and got to the bus station and home. It was a CRAZY two days but I had a fantastic time and can't wait for next year.

BEA books and swag from day two:

Signed Books

My IMM this week will have all the BEA books, Strand books and other non NY books. 

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