Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sarah Dessen's Novels get Make-Overs

These covers started coming out in May but I had NO IDEA. Until I ran into them at Barnes and Nobles. Better late then never right? Here are my thoughts on the new covers for Sarah Dessen's AMAZING novels. (Have I ever mentioned she's my favorite author?)


Surprisingly enough I really like the old version for this cover. Sure the color's on the new one stand out and I like the beach in the back ground, The old one just fits the novel better. It shows the romance aspect and I like how the title is place on that one more. The new one is where the authors name should be, it's a little weird. 

Lock and Key - Sarah Dessen

The new one is SO PRETTY. Sure the title is in a weird spot again but it's a HUGE improvment over the first covers. Those pretty colors and the interesting key, I just love the new cover. 

This is a hard one. I really like both covers and I would be happy owning either one, but I think I have to go with the old one. Maybe it's because Just Listen is one of my favorite Sarah Dessen novels and I'm just used to it. I do like the title font on the first cover MUCH better. 

This was another hard one to pick, But I think I'm going to have to go with the second one. I love how the color flow and stand out. The older one was just a little plain. 

As much as I hate to say it, the new cover on my favorite book, just blew me away. While I really like the old cover, just look at the guitar and the heart. It's perfect. This one is perfect. The only thing I would change, and this goes for all the new covers is the title font. It should be bigger and in a different spot. 

The new one wins for That Summer too. It just stands out more, and I have sun glasses just like that! The couple in the background are a nice touch too. 

I only did the Sarah Dessen novel's that I've read. There are two that I haven't gotten around to picking up yet. But what do you guys think about these new covers?


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