Sunday, October 2, 2011

Book Trailers Part 2

On Thursday I had a post about Book Trailers that I recently found and loved. Yet I also stumbled upon a few book trailers that I didn't enjoy. Here they are...

While this is a book that I'm really excited to read, the trailer doesn't tell you anything about it. AT ALL. It just told me facts I already know about the titanic, and then slightly suggests werewolves but never comes out to say it. Still, this is a book I will be picking up. I loved the Evernight Series.

Warning! Spoilers if you haven't read Wings or Spells.

....I have TONS of problems with this trailer. First I have to say these books are amazing and even though I hate the trailer this has no reflection on how I feel about the first two books. Now, what if someone clicked on this trailer without reading the first two books? Well that's a HUGE spoiler. Basically the main plot points given right there. Then the people! I really don't like people like this in trailers, well just their faces. It takes the magic and fun out of creating the characters in your head. In EVE's trailer there was people but you never saw their faces.

This trailer is just cheesy and it also doesn't make me want to pick up the book. Which is sad seeing that Legend is a great dystopian novel. I've been recommending everyone to put it on there TBR pile for awhile now. I'm curious what you think of this trailer? Am I the only one that thinks it's overly cheesy?

What are some book trailers that get on your nerves?


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