Friday, June 11, 2010

Love Triangles! (Hunger Games)

There’s so many of them, in so many different books! It’s really hard to find a romance without one. Some are fun and entertaining to read and some just make you so angry. You know the ones, when you just can’t stand one of the characters and want them to ‘poof’ and disappear.

I don’t just want to talk about love triangles in general today, I want to talk about a certain little one in the Hunger Games. Well maybe it’s not so little…

What team are you on Peeta or Gale?

As you can tell I’m team Peeta. Why? Well why not, he was the one who was there for Katniss when her life was in danger. He’s the one who risked his life to save hers. During the games he was so sweet to her, I just don’t have a reason not to like Peeta.

Why don’t I like Gale? Well I don’t know him, other then flashbacks and his few scenes in Catching Fire and Hunger Games you really don’t see much Gale in the series. So I can’t see him with Katniss, I think he’s more of a brother to her if anything.

Of course I bet not everyone agrees with me so let me know who you like and why in the comments!

P.S. 50 followers! You guys rock! I didn’t think any one was actually going to read my ramblings that I’ve been writing here, but 50 people. Wow.

I <3 all of you!



  1. I have not read The Hunger Games (I really should, though). But I understand the love triangle thing 100%. I'm reading The Van Alen Legacy now (and I got an extra copy from Hyperion, my first official giveaway is approaching fast....hinthint) and I'm LOVING the JackxSkylarxOliver love triangle. MAN, I cannot pick between them. ;) And congrats on your followers. I just hit 60 and am walking on air ~

  2. Love triangles tend to make me sad and mad... *sigh* Unless one of the characters finds someone else to love, then I'm happy. :)

    I actually haven't read Hunger Games yet, so I can't say about this topic. Embarassing, I know! haha.

    AND CONGRATS ON 50 FOLLOWERS!!! Your blog is awesome. :D

  3. Just dropping by from the Saturday Network!

    Honestly, I'm terrible with love triangles. I can never choose!! I think I'm leaning toward team Peeta, but then I always come back to Gale. *sigh*

    Congrats on 50 followers!

  4. Know exactly what you mean by some love triangles making you angry! Haven't read The Hunger Games yet so can't comment on Peeta vs Gale, but I seem to see more Team Peeta banners around the blogosphere. Have a great weekend!


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