Friday, June 25, 2010

Love Triangles (Wings and Spells)

I wasn’t planning on doing this again, but I loved ranting about the Hunger Games triangle last week and then I read Spells by Aprilynne Pike. (and I had to write about it)
WARNING: If you haven’t read Wings or Spells yet, there might be a few little spoilers (okay it’s mostly ALL spoilers). So beware, and enter at your own risk.

The love triangle in Wings and Spells is between Laurel (who just found out she’s a faerie), David (a human), and Tamani (a faerie). Laurel’s first boyfriend is David and they are so cute together. He also started out as her first friend. When she’s with David I’m just as happy as Laurel while I’m reading. Then there’s Tamani who is the faerie from her forgotten childhood. He is the knight and shinning armor who has always been in love with her. In Wings the love triangle isn’t too strong and Aprilynne was everyone leaning toward David. (Well at least I knew I was)

Then Spells changes EVERYTHING. Right from the start you have Laurel going to Avalon, so she’s spending time with Tamani. Meeting his family, and learning about him and his world. This is where I fell in love with Tamani. Then, of course, she goes back to David when she goes back to the human world. At first this made me so frustrated, but them I kept reading and fell in love with David again.

Throughout the whole book I went back and forth from guy to guy. I had no clue who I wanted her to end up with. This series is the first one to ever do this to me. I always choose someone in the beginning and get attached to him. But in Wings and Spells the author took me on a roller coaster ride.

So if you’ve read Wings and Spells, could you decide which guy you like better? Leave a comment! I’d love to here what you think.

(My review of Spells will be up soon)

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