Sunday, June 27, 2010

In My Mailbox (and other stuff)

So I didn’t have much in my mailbox this week, actually nothing was IN my mailbox, I just picked up two books from my library. So I decided to show you guys around my bookshelf a bit.

These are the two books I picked up from the library.

The Sky is Everywhere                                      

Here's my first bookshelf.
(There’s no order to my books, most of the time a series won’t even be together. I’m not a very organized person… )

There’s only two parts in my bookshelves that are slightly organized. The first is the top self of the bookshelf I just showed you. It’s where I keep my Twilight novels, TBR's, my two signed books (Beth Fantaskey one’s) and City of Glass (loved that whole series but I only own the first). I don't know why Blood Promise is here...but I also love that series.

Then here’s just a closer look at the rest of the bookshelf.

Here’s my second bookshelf. This is where I keep my Nancy Drew books (the only other organized section), and more random books. Before Christmas this was my only bookshelf! Most of my books just stayed on the floor of my room.

These are two bookshelves that I recently received. (They were my Great Grandma’s) They are awesome because there's a light under the top shelf. I forgot to turn it on when I took the picture to show you but I'm to lazy to take another one. I also keep my calender here (which is still on May...I should probably fix that).

I still have to fill them up. I keep my ARC’s here and books that I’ve recently bought since there's not room anywhere else. I also keep my Morganville Vampire Series here to hold up my ARC’s. I keep them separated by ‘ones I need to read’ and ‘ones I’ve already reviewed’. The books that I still need to write reviews for just sit on my desk.

The second bookshelf has my little sister’s books (my old books) on it. I’m so glad she likes to read.

I think that’s it! Maybe next week I’ll show you around my desk that I do all my blogging from.

So what was in your mailbox this week?

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