Monday, June 28, 2010

A Journey To The Past

Originally published in 2000
(3 novels that have been published separately and together)
1) London: Kit and Robin
2) Paris: Alex and Dana
3) Rome: Antonio and Carrie

Summary: MEET THE GIRLS of A Year in Europe, a collection of three interconnecting novels about the adventures of traveling abroad.

Robin: Her junior year abroad in London takes a surprising turn when she falls for British hottie Kit.

Dana: Paris is the City of Love, and Danaƕs on a mission to find a gorgeous French boyfriend.

Carrie: She's crazy about Antonio, her Italian dream guy. If Carrie tells him the truth about her American heritage, she might lose him forever.

A Year in Europe. Three unforgettable stories. One unforgettable journey.

Since summer just started for me I thought I should do a book that is great to bring to the beach. Any book by Rachel Hawthorne is a guarantied romance. I have yet to read a book from her that I didn’t like. Even though they’re all somewhat predictable and revolve mainly around the love story, every time I read one of her books I get swept into the story. Plus I think everyone needs a break from the tense paranormal romances at some point. What better time to do this then summer?

These three stories are about three girls who get to spend a year in Europe to go to school there. In each story there’s obviously a romance between the two characters in the title, but Rachel Hawthorne doesn’t just write a light fluffy romance. In each book you feel like you know the characters, they’re very realistic because of Rachel’s amazing writing and story lines.

If you like romance novels or need a break from all the paranormal, you should pick these books up from you library or local bookstore; I would actually recommend any of Rachel Hawthorne’s books, they’re all amazing.


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