Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween Header!

I LOVE Halloween! It's so much fun to dress up as someone else. PLUS free candy! I have the biggest sweet tooth EVER. (I just don't like chocolate to much...)

To celebrate this amazing holiday I thought I would change my header and background. The header worked out, and I actually like how it turned out. All I did was take my original header and edit it on LOOOVE that site. If you haven't tried it out yet, you should! I edit all my photos over there. I also made my original header there.
I was going to change my background too, but then I remembered that my blog isn't centered. So I can't use the regular background. That's what happens when I try and make my own blog. (Well I took a bunch of different things from different places) *All their links are somewhere on this page, I didn't steal them**

Anyway Happy Halloween, maybe I'll have a giveaway with a *spooky* book. (Hint: Maybe an ARC of The Replacement...) So make sure to check back for that in a few days!

Anyone getting dressed up for Halloween? If so what are you being? I need some ideas!


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