Sunday, October 31, 2010

Books From The Month!

This is a new meme that I'm going to start doing this at the end of the month.
I'll keep track of all the books I read in the month and I'll make a video of all the ones I like and didn't. Either a vlog or just a regular video.

I decided to do this because I don't get a chance to review every book that I read. Then sometimes I don't post reviews for a few months. (so it's on the release date if it's an ARC). I also think this will just end up being something fun to do!

Next month will be the first official one. I just put a bunch of books that I like and have read recently in a video. Since I didn't keep track of all the books that i read this month.

If anyone wants to do this on they're blog let me know! I think this could be a fun meme to do every month. I'll try and make a banner for it soon. :)


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