Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Review: Venom

Venom (Secrets of the Eternal Rose, #1)Venom 
By: Fiona Paul
Released Date: October 30th, 2012
Published by Philomel Books

Venom is a novel that will have everyone, no matter what age or gender, hooked. Everything from the suspenseful writing to the beautiful descriptions makes this a very hard novel to put down. Venom takes place in the renaissance period of Venice, following the main character Cassandra. She is lucky enough to be a part of the elite society in Venice, with everything that includes, from elegant gowns, her own maid, and a wealthy fiancé.
                However, Cassandra finds herself is a strange situation as she discovers a murdered women were the body of her recently deceased friend should be. Cass, as she starts looking for answers, gets caught up in the mysteries of Venice. With the help of Falco, a starving artist, she roams the city of Venice to try and find the murder who took her friends body.
                Venom was so different then other young adult novels. For instance it doesn’t take place in America, as most YA books usually do. It was something new and fresh to read. The novel was also a fantastic mystery. As more bodies are turning up dead, the reader is not sure what characters they can trust. Fiona Paul put so many secrets and lies hidden in the canals of Venice that just added to the suspense.
                Paul had a distinctive way of writing that made it so easy for the reader to visualize the city of Venice. Which was sometimes beautiful but sometimes grotesque as the reader gets to experience the high class life as well as the life of a starving artist in historical Venice. Venom is a novel that is perfect for someone who is looking for something different to read. It’s also the first in the series, which will have readers dying for the sequel by the end.   
And I just have to add that I ADORE the romance in this novel. Both guys Falco, and her fiance were so great! I would be happy with either one of them. But what I really enjoyed about the romace was the fact that it was practical. Yes, she is involved with two guys, but one was an arrange marriage to a guy she hasn't seen in years. I'm really curious as to what will happen in the next novel.


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