Monday, October 7, 2013

Emma Approved

Whether you are a Jane Austen fan, Vlog Brother fan, or just an avid Tumblr user you probably heard of The Lizzie Bennet Dairies (if not I'll post a link to the first video at the bottom of this post). Today the same production company, Pemberley Digital (who already have an EMMY from LBD), posted there next project Emma Approved!

Here's the video:

With LBD I had already read Pride and Prejudice and knew what was going to happen (for the most part) but I haven't read Jane Austen's novel Emma (I'm going to try to read it before the show ends). Even though I haven't read Emma, I suprisingly loved the first episode! I was a little concerned because Sanditon, Pemberly Digital last project really wasn't interesting and I couldn't even get through all the episodes.

I thought the acting and writing were spot on with Emma Approved. I can't wait to see where it goes from here!

Here's the Lizzie Bennet Dairies if you haven't seen them yet.


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