Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Working at a Library

Over the summer I had a job at my local library. For the most part the job was just re-shelving books. During the 3 months that I worked there I got really good at the alphabet. (The first couple of weeks I was singing the ABC's inside my head) image
I was looking for gif of the ABC's or someone signing the ABC's but I couldn't find one anywhere so here's a cute minions gif. 
But while I was there at the library I notice a few different things. Some of them were normal and some just really strange.

Here are some strange things that I notice while I worked there...

Do you notice anything weird about this picture? Maybe that Heist Society by Ally Cater is categorized as Horror? The kick-ass, action novel that is a little suspenseful, but has no horror moments is categorized at horror. That was one of the first things that I couldn't understand about the libraries categorizing system. 

Here were just some of the funniest/cutest book names that I've seen on a book. They actually sound really interesting and I'll probably try and read them at some points. If you look to the left of the picture you might be able to see Rest in Pizza which is another food titled murder (by another author). I didn't realize how popular they were. 

Those are just some of the weird things that happened over the summer while I was working at a library.

Have you guys ever notice and weird things in your library?

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