Friday, December 30, 2011

Favorite Couples of 2011

This is very different then my last videos, I used fan art for the novels and made a little slideshow video to music. I'm very proud of how it came out, I hope you like it as much as I do!

Tucker and Clara (Unearthly) (Only in Unearthly, I have a new favorite couple in Hallowed)
Four and Tris (Divergent)
Ky and Cassia (Crossed)
Adrian and Sydney (Bloodlines) *Kind of couple, but if they don't get together, I will die.
Belly and Conrad (We'll Always Have Summer)
Trella and Riley (Outside In) *The picture for this one is my favorite out of them all.
Jace and Clary (City of Fallen Angels)
Lena and Alex (Delirium)
Amy and Elder (Across the Universe)
Emerson and Micheal (Hourglass)
April and Hudson (Ten Things We Did)

**Hourglass and Ten Things didn't have an photos so I just put the cover.
***I don't own the pictures, I got them off of google and deviant art. All credit go to the owner. To find the owners just type the couple and book title into google or deviant art. (I am letting the owners know i used their photos, so if they don't want it here I will take it down)

Yes there is a ton on this list. I even narrowed it down. You should have seen it before.

Who are you're favorite couples?? And did you like the video?

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