Monday, April 30, 2012

In My Mailbox (75)

Happy Sunday! Oh wait it's not Sunday anymore. Grr you blogger and how you refuse to posts my posts on time. This is the only time that I ever think about switching servers. Anyway, on to the post that should have been posted yesterday...

Yesterday,  Saturday, I got to go to my library book sale. It's the best thing every. People donate books to the library and they sell the donated and old library books for .10 to a dollar. Such a bargain. These are the books I picked up...

This is one of my favorite movies and when I saw this novel I literally snatched it up. There was a good 50 people in this tiny room. I wasn't going to wait for someone else to grab it first. I'm currently reading it now, it's much different then the movie but I am enjoying it. 

I have a slight obsession with fantasy and historical things, so something like the King Author legend is one of my favorite things to read about. I have actually already read this book (AMAZING). I picked it up for my little sister to read, and well for me to reread again since i lost my copy. 

Sadly I have not read a John Green book yet, I am always picking them up when I see them but I just haven't been able to pick one up and start. I've heard such great things, so maybe I'll start this one soon. But I also have heard to start with Looking for Alaska so I'll have to keep a look out for that one. 

This is one I have to read over the summer for AP Lit, so I thought it would be better to get it for .50 cents instead of 10 dollars. 

This one just looked cute. 

What did you get this weekend? 

Oh and I just wanted to let you know that I got my first legit job! I'm very excited and start next week. It shouldn't cut into my blogging since I have a ton of books that I've read and need to review. I just have to make time to sit down and review them. 

Plus there is only a little over a month until BEA! Who else is super excited?????


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  1. I loved A Walk to Remember (both the book and the movie) and I have yet to read a John Green book too! Enjoy your books :)


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