Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pictures in Books

 What do Miss Peregrine's Home for Peliculiar Children, Wanderlove, and Wintertown all have in common? Yes they are all books and amazing stories, however, these novels have one characteristic that makes them stand out. Pictures.
kirsten hubbard wanderlovewanderlove

While reading and looking at publishers future novels, I've noticed a trend in pictures in young adult books. And I just have to say, I LOVE THIS! The pictures bring the books to life. Take Wanderlove, the pictures really didn't show up until the end. The main character was an artist who had given up drawing in the beginning and the drawing didn't show up until she came to terms with her past. It was a nice addition to the story and into the characters head by seeing those drawings.

Cathy's Book came out in 2006, and was full of drawing on every page. Something like this is just fun to read. It's nice to read a classic with beautiful descriptions, imagery, and etc. But from experience, a book like this is a nice break. You get to explore, and just have fun with the novel.

The Apothecary
Another novel that had small pictures in it was The Apothecary. This one did not have specific drawing through out the book, but beautiful art work with the beginning of each chapter. Something like that adds to the mystical  feeling a fantasy book like this one already has.

How do you feel about pictures in novels? Love them, or think they should stay in children's books?

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