Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Selection as a TV show? And The Host Trailer!

I'm sure you've heard about The Selection by Kiera Cass coming out next month! (Which looks so good, I'll be buying it that day). BUT have you heard it's been optioned to be a T.V. show on the CW? Yes, the same network that is currently turning the book The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle into very popular shows.

‘The Selection’ Pilot Wraps in Vancouver
What I heard today, was that the pilot was just finished filming. So we should find out soon if it's going to beat the 7 other pilots into taking the few slots the CW has open. Lets cross our figure it does! The Selection looks amazing and I would love to see it as a T.V. show!
aimee teegarden wm moseley selection set 07

You can find more info about this from Which is this really awesome site that follows books as the become T.V. shows and movies.
Has anyone read this one yet? Do you think it would make a good show?

Then more news, The Host has a trailer that came out this week! There isn't much really in it, but it's still pretty interesting. That was a good book. Can't wait to see it.


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