Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Review: Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Beauty

Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Beauty: The Best Hair, Skin, Nails & Makeup Ideas For YouSeventeen Ultimate Guide To Beauty
By: Ann Shoket and The Editors of Seventeen
Source: From Publisher for Review
Published: July 3rd

Review: As a fan of Seventeen Magazine, I was extremely excited to get a chance to review another Seventeen book. The surprisingly large book is filled with great advice about hair, nail and makeup. There isn't a single thing in here that a teenage couldn't use. Actually this isn't even just for teenagers. Anyone looking for hair, make-up or nail ideas can find some great ones in here.

Seventeen's Ultimate Guide to Beauty starts out with a letter from the editor of Seventeen Magazine. She explains why this book is so useful and I thought it was a great way to start everything off with, just as they go in the actual magazines. After that there is "Your Ultimate Make-up Guide" which is sectioned into Girly, Glam, Classic, Edgy, and Boho. This makes it easy to find a make-up style for you. I honestly would wear any of them besides Edgy, so there is just so many styles to chose from.

Each section has a title page of sorts. Where it lists a bunch of make-up products that are good for the particular looks and a short description of that style. For example here is Girly "The perfect girly look mixes sweet, romantic colors with refined touches for pop and polish. Try ultra-feminine lips with thickly lashed eyes. Or play with sheer textures and dress them up with a little sparkle. You'll get a look that's equally cute and cool." Following that page there are sections of different 'girly' make-up looks for different occasions. It sets you for everything from school to dates.

That section in followed by tips, such as using vanilla colored liner instead of white because it isn't as harsh. This was my favorite section of each make-up style. It was filled with great tips and the most use full parts of the while book. Then Seventeen found a normal everyday girl for each section to give some tips and tricks. And lastly they finished off the sections with celebrity styles.

After make-up, there is the Ultimate Hair Guide. This is basically the same layout as make-up but separated in to groups of waves and curls, braids and twists, sleek, ponies, and updos and buns. I didn't find this section as informative and helpful as the make-up. If you tried to do a fish tale braid off of their instructions, you won't get anywhere.

The last section of the Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Beauty is the Ultimate Beauty Resource Guide and it's exactly what the title says. Anything you wanted to know about your skin tone, hair, or nails is here. From what colors look good on your skin tone, to the products that are good for particular skin types. It even has tips to fight acne and how to get your skin smooth all over. I really loved this section, so many useful tips to use every day.

To finish off the book there are two sections Nails, and Special Occasion Looks. While the special occasion looks didn't come to much help to me, I've already tried three different nail styles that they use in the book. Such as tattoos. I didn't even know they made tattoos for your nails!

I've had so much fun trying out everything in this book and I would recommend it to any teenager. No matter what style you have or what kind of make-up/hair/nails that you like, you'll find tons of different ideas in this book. A much have for everyone!


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