Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday: He's So Not Worth It

 I was suppose to upload a review of Anna and the French Kiss yesterday, my my computer decided to eat it. I'm serious I think my computer got hungry and ate my review of Anna. I can't find it anywhere! They do talk about some really yummy French food in the book so I guess I can't be to mad at my computer. Anyway I'm going to rewrite it and hopefully have it up soon. 

In the mean time here's my WoW.

I loved loved loved the first book in this series, She's So Dead To Us. If you haven't read it yet  you really should. Actually anything by Kieran Scott is amazing, under any of her pen names. 

With the new book the old one is also getting a make over to match it (for the paper back). I have to say I like the original 10 millions times more. To me it looks more real then the new one. Most of there heads are cut off in the new one.... odd, but I do like the font on the paperback cover.

He's So Not Worth is comes out in June 2011. you can find more information about the series HERE. I didn't want to add the summery for the sequel just in case you haven't read the first one.

--If you in any area that snow, go enjoy the snow! I'm suppose to get more here Thursday night. If you don't like the snow read a book by a fireplace, thats one of my favorite things.


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