Saturday, June 9, 2012

John Green Abundance of Kathrine's Cover Reveal

Hey guys! I'm still getting every set back up after BEA. I'll have my recap post up next week and an IMM on Sunday. Till then I don't want to leave my blog empty, so I thought I would share a video with you.

While walking around the convention center I was reading twitter and notice John Green was going to be at penguin revealing a cover. Of course I had to stop by, while I haven't read his books yet I love his youtube videos! I actually got a GREAT spot to take a short video of the cover reveal so here it is!

Oh and just so you know, that is not me screaming. They were standing next to me so it's really close to the mic of my phone.

Till Sunday!

(Oh if your for some reason going to the Ceeloo Green concert in NJ on Saturday, I'll be preforming with a few students from my marching band, for the Microsoft store launch, I'll be playing the piccolo. Make sure you look for me!)


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