Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What I did at BEA...

It's now been about a week now since BEA. I have finally found sometime to sit down and type this post out. This was actually my second time attending the Book Expo and I feel like I actually got the hang of it by the end of the third day this time. It didn't feel as crazy and I wasn't getting lost every time I turned around.

What did I do while I was a BEA? Well I started with getting up at 5 in the morning to catch the 6:20 bus. That was the earliest I could get my mom to get ready by on the first two days. The rides were long, quiet and tiring. I give props to the people that do this ever day. I don't know if I could.

Once we arrived at the Port Authority my mom and I took a taxi over to the Javits Center and the fun began! The first day on line I sat next to Joy Preble. She wrote Anastasia Forever which is such a great book. I enjoyed talking to her.

The first hour of BEA is crazy, as it always is. Once it died down I got some great books and ran into some great bloggers, way to many to nae but they were all awesome. I loved talking to other book lovers.

My book haul the first day...

Sorry it's such a bad picture. I can't find the cord to upload pictures from my camera. I took this one with my phone. 

I got back home around 8:30 the first day, after leaving the expo around 4:30 - 5 ish. I wasn't able to go to TAC but I'm super jealous of everyone that did. 

The second day went pretty much like the first. Except I got to meet Chris Colfer!

I'm a huge fan of his and I was so excited to finally meet him! I only got to see him for a few seconds while he signed my book but he was so nice. Also his book is surprisingly really good!

Here is my book haul from day two: 

I tried to by more picky on day two. 

I don't have a picture of day three's book haul but here is my complete collection of BEA 2012 books!

Aren't they pretty? They took up THREE bookshelves. I guess one for each day...

Since I'm such a geek I also separated them into release months. The first pile is already released, then the next in July then August and so on. October has the most. 

Those are my BEA adventures. if I can get my camera pictures I'll post those on here soon. I have fun pictures with other bloggers and authors on it. 

Did you do a BEA recap post? I would love to read it, leave a link below!


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