Friday, August 20, 2010

Zombiekins - Review - By My Little Sister

I received this book from Razorbill a few months ago. I didn't know it was coming, I actually would have told them not to send it if they had asked. Well when it came I gave it to my little sister Kathleen to read. Then she asked me if she could write a review on it, and I agreed. I think its great that she really likes to read, and I love that she wanted to write a review.
Just keep in mind that this review is by my nine year old sister.

By: Kevin Bolger
My Copy: from publisher
Summary:Fourth-grader Stanley Nudelman is about as wimpy as they come—he's cowardly, shy, and spends most of his time hiding from the school bully, Knuckles Bruzkowski! Then Stanley stumbles upon the yard sale of his neighbor, Old Lady Imavitch, where he buys a mysterious stuffed animal. But this isn't any old toy . . . it's Zombiekins! He's a little bit teddy, a little bit bunny, and a whole lotta ZOMBIE! And he's coming this way!

Stump!—scri-i-i-i-itch . . .
Stump!—scri-i-i-i-itch . . .

Stanley brings Zombiekins to school and unleashes the worst zombie plague in fourth grade history! Can Stanley find the courage to save the day before his teachers notice the class is full of zombies? Or will he soon join the ranks of the snuggily UNDEAD?

Review:: Dear readers, if you heard about the book Zombiekins by Kevin Bolger, it is a great book. It was very surprising. This book was very easy to understand. The story was about a kid named Stanley who gets a toy named Zombiekins! The toy is very strange. He doesn't scare me but he might scare you. The pictures in the book are very cool. The cover is perfect for the story too. So if your looking for a book to read you should get Zoombiekins.
(Review by Kathleen)
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