Saturday, September 4, 2010

In My Mailbox (17)

Hey everyone! I know I didn't post to much this week, and I'm sorry about that. I just started school again (Sophomore yay!) So I was stressed out all week, hopefully I'll get into a good school, homework, band, and reading schedule sometime soon.

This week I decided to make a video (not a vlog). I didn't get to much but it was enough to make a video. I miss making these, hopefully I can get a good video editing system soon so they can be more fun.

I love this song, I actually have been playing it over and over again while I'm at the computer. You can find the music video for it here.

How I Found the Perfect Dress (This one sounds really interesting)
The Debs
The Insiders
Paper Towns (This is the first book by John Green that I'm going to read)
Hearts at Stake

They just put a discount book store at the outlets really close to my house! I'm really excited because this is the first book store in my town! They don't sell any of the new releases though, so I'll still have to drive 30 minutes to BN or Borders.

Plans for this week:
1) Write and post a Journey to the Past
2) Write and post review of You Wish
3)  Finish reading Clockwork Angel (and then write a review)
4) Read Songs for A Teenage Nomade (& review)
5) Start Wondrous Strange


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