Friday, September 10, 2010

You Wish (Review)

You Wish

By: Mandy Hubbard
My copy: ARC from publisher
Summary:What if all your wishes really came true? Kayla McHenry’s sweet sixteen sucks! Her dad left, her grades dropped, and her BFF is dating the boy Kayla’s secretly loved for years. Blowing out her candles, Kayla thinks: I wish my birthday wishes actually came true. Because they never freakin’ do.

Kayla wakes the next day to a life-sized, bright pink
My Little Pony outside her window. Then a year’s supply of gumballs arrives. A boy named Ken with a disturbing resemblance to the doll of the same name stalks her. As the ghosts of Kayla’s wishes-past appear, they take her on a wild ride . . . but they MUST STOP. Because when she was fifteen? She wished Ben Mackenzie would kiss her. And Ben is her best friend’s boyfriend.

Review: Before I start this review I have a confession to make, I always forget to make a wish before I blow out my candles. I can actually only think of one time that I remember making a wish. I was six and I wanted a puppy (I guess that won’t come true now since I just told everyone).

Forgetting to make my birthday wish was the first thing I thought of when I read the summary to You Wish so I thought I should mention it. I’m going to start remembering to make a wish every year ( and a really good one!) just incase this ever happens to me. I know this is fiction and won’t really happen, but you never know. Anyway I really enjoyed reading You Wish. It was funny and addictive. Kayla was very relatable. She just wanted to be different as her best friend wanted to fit in.

I was hooked throughout the whole book waiting for a wish to happen everyday. Most of the wishes were hilarious and I had so much fun reading about them. Another thing I like about the book was the romance. Sure there isn’t much but the guy Kayla liked was actually believable. She actually knew him and he knew her. In so many YA novels the main character is obsessed with a guy she barley knows. So it was nice to see something different.

You wish is a book that I would recommend to everyone. I can’t wait to read more by Mandy Hubbard. Her next book was my Waiting on Wednesday this week. So scroll down and check it out if you want. It looks very good and also very different.


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