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Review: Seventeen Ultimate Guide To Style (How To Find Your Perfect Look)

Seventeen Ultimate Guide To Style (How To Find Your Perfect Look)
By: Anna Shoket and The Editors of Seventeen

Summary: No brand is more trusted among teens and young women thanSeventeen. The monthly magazine's more than 13 million devoted readers know it is the place to learn about what matters most to a girl—and fashion is at the top of the list! Packed with amazing clothes and indispensable style advice, Seventeen's Ultimate Guide to Style is the book readers will turn to again and again for fashion inspiration.
Seventeen's Ultimate Guide to Style is all about teaching young women to cultivate their own unique style. The book draws advice from the magazine's editors, real-girl style experts, Hollywood stylists, and celebrity fashion icons. Its chapters explore seven timeless fashion vibes: Classic, Edgy, Girly, Glam, Sporty, Artsy, and Boho. Each section breaks down all a girl needs to know about mastering the look and giving it her personal twist. Throughout its beautifully illustrated pages, the book also provides young women with endless ideas to maximize their wardrobe, stretch their dollar, and make everyday basics work in hundreds of ways.Seventeen's Ultimate Guide to Style is an indispensable resource for young fashionistas everywhere.

Review: Its hard to write a review of a book with no plot but I really enjoyed Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Style. Maybe it's because I'm in the age group it's targeted at, or maybe it's because I just really love the magazine. (I even have a subscription).  While this book is perfect for me, it's not going to be for everyone. First off, it would be more for someone into style or someone who wants style ideas. It also would be better for someone around the age of 17.   

The styles rage from girly to classic to edgy so everyone should be able to find what their style is.  I found out I'm mostly girly BUT I also wear clothes that are in the Glam, Classic, and Boho categories.  It was interesting seeing where my style fits. 

After each 'style' chapter there was a list of where to shop for that style. This was one of my favorite parts. I found some new stores and saw some of my favorite places to shop (Charlotte Russe and Forever 21).  There are so many different outfits through Seventeen Ultimate Guide To Style that I can guarantee you will find something new to tryout. 

One thing I wish Seventeen had put into the book, is where each article of clothing is from. They had a list in the back but it's hard to figure out. It would have been so much easier if they just put the store next to each shirt, skirt, etc.  Mostly because I want to buy most of the clothes I saw throughout the book. This was the only thing I found flawed in the Ultimate Style Guide. Overall its a fun quick read, that I think everyone around the age of 17 should check out. 


**Thanks to my friend Marissa who put up with my random phone call on how to spell.  What would I do without you? :)

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