Friday, July 25, 2014

Review: Virgin by Radhika Sanghani

18624367Title: Virgin
Author: Radhika Sanghani
Publisher: Berkley
Release Date: August 5th, 2014
Source: ARC from BEA

Summary: Okay, I admit it…I didn’t do it.


This is normal, right?  I mean, just because everyone I know has talked like they’ve already done it doesn’t mean that they’re telling the truth…right?

It’s not like I’m asking for that much. I don’t need the perfect guy. I don’t need candlelight or roses. Honestly, I don’t even need a real bed.

The guys I know complain that girls are always looking for Mr. Right—do I have to wear a sign that says I’m only looking for Mr. Right Now?

Sooooo…anyone out there want sex? Anyone? Hello? Just for fun?

I am not going to die a virgin. One way or another I am going to make this happen.

Hey, what have I got to lose? Besides the obvious.

Review: This is what a New Adult novel should be. It’s funny, meaningful and perfectly describes the mind of a college student, at least the ones I’ve met. The best part? It doesn’t focus on the romance. Virgin focuses more on the friendships that the main character makes. It was something new and different to New Adult.

Judy Blume and Lauren Miracle help preteens and teens navigate the world of puberty. Radhika Sanghani helps the college student navigate other important questions one might have. This novel is not for the younger side of young adult. It is 100% for the older and more mature audiences. Virgin, as you can probably tell by the title, is a raunchy novel. Every reader needs to know that going in. Some parts did make me a little squeamish reading about, yet I expected that.

The only part of this book that I did not like was the ending. It felt rushed and there wasn’t much closure for the characters. I wanted to know a little bit more about that happens to Ellie and her friends. Maybe I just wasn’t ready to leave the world of this novel but I just wanted more.

There was one slight flaw in the book with the characters blog that she starts. I enjoyed reading about the blog in general because I have my own and can really relate to the whole part of the story line. The only thing wrong with it was the fact that Ellie called her blog posts vlogs. (Because they were about her being a virgin). She took the V and put in in blog to come up with vlog. BUT that’s the word for video blogging. It was really confusing at first.

Other than those flaws I really enjoyed Virgin and highly recommend it to any college student.

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