Thursday, July 31, 2014

Review: Paper Towns by John Green

Paper Towns
By: John Green
Source: Purchased

Continuing with my theme this summer, of road trip, realistic fiction novels, this week I am reviewing Paper Towns by John Green. This book is about one night of mischief of two childhood friends, Q and Margo, weeks before their high schools graduation. But the aftermath from this trip is something no one expects. Margo, who was always the “it girl” that no one really knew, becomes even more of a mystery, and Q is the only one determined enough to figure it out.

I have been hearing really good things about this book, and since I have been on a John Green kick lately as it is, I was excited to pick it up. The book had a weird pace for me when I read it. The beginning went really fast. There is a really dark tone to the start of the book, which eventually does lighten up. But in the mean time I found myself questioning everything, anticipating that something big would happen. The middle was slow, as the characters put together clues piece by piece. The monotony of connecting the dots , eventually snowballs into the fast pace of the ending.

My favorite part about this book was the characters. You had complete opposites in the two main characters. Q was really developed, and you really feel like you are in his head. Even when he goes a little crazy, and does some things that everyone else in the book considers to be slightly insane, you don’t question him. You are so far in his thoughts, and you go along with him for his whole journey, you completely understand his motivations. Margo on the other hand is a mystery. We know very little about her, and what we do know comes from the mouths of other people, in a very Regina George kind of way. That is really what drives the whole book. The mystery of Margo makes you want to figure it out, and you don’t blame Q for trying.

Even though I thought the plot was similar to John Green’s Looking for Alaska, you know the mysterious girl, and the boys that go to crazy lengths to win her heart, I really enjoyed it. It was definitely a good summer read, and the end is really satisfying.

“ The town was paper, but the memories were not”

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