Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Top Ten Blogging Confessions


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, make sure you go an check it out! It’s a ton of fun.

Today is a hard one but I will try my best to come up with Ten Blogging Confessions....
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1. I am horrible to my books. 
What do I mean by this? Well I dog-ear my pages, write in my books, bend the spines, drop food on them, spill tea or coffee, and I've even dropped them into the bath. Basically I do everything that you shouldn't do to a book. 

2.  I prefer buying books online
This is mostly due to the cheaper prices of books online. I know Amazon and publishers are at war but usually I don't have enough money to buy the book at list price. I try and use different sites like abebooks.com but most of my books are from Amazon.

3. I'm self-conscious about what I read
I can't read a YA book with a couple on the cover in public. I just can't. I don't know how people can read Fifty Shades in public and admit to it. I can't even read a YOUNG ADULT romance novel in public. 

4. or bring them to class
I feel like all the other English majors will judge my YA novels. 

5. I hate/love e-books
I get into stages where I only read on my e-reader or I only read physical copies. I don't know why but once I read one on an e-book or a physical book I can't just switch to the other one for my next book. 

6. I only buy really cheap e-books
I seriously don't think I have ever payed more than 5 dollars for an e-book. For some reason I don't think it's worth it and I'll just buy the physical copy even if it's a little more. 

7. Sometimes I really hate writing reviews
Yet sometimes I love it. But every once in a while I get into a funk and just hate writing a book review. Usually its after I read a ton of bad books. I just get sick of writing bad reviews. 

8. I HATE writing bad reviews of a novel. 
I'm scared the author will see it and cry. I've seriously pictures this happening in my head. I do still write bad reviews. I just don't tag the author in any of my tweets about it etc. I want people to know my opinion I just don't want the author to see it. 

9. I blog in secret...kind of
I don't broadcast around facebook or my personal twitter that I run a book blog. It's weird thinking about people you know reading your blog posts. At least for me. I have a handful of people who know and I don't really tell anyone else. It has gotten better since I left high school but I don't think my roommate really knew what my book blogging consisted of until we lived together for a few months if not longer. 
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10. I never know what to say when I meet an author. 
"Hi, I love your book" is about all I can get out when I go to an author signing. Yup. That's it. Then at BEA when I go to author signings for debut novels, WHAT DO YOU TALK ABOUT. It's so hard and confusing. I end up talking about something completely unrelated to books. 

Okay it was actually easy coming up with 10 of those. Kind of ashamed that I could have came up with even more. 

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