Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Manga's and Sailormoon

Sailormoon was a show I really enjoyed watching when I was younger. Every once in awhile I'll go and re-watch it. Recently a whole new season started on Hulu. I was interested and watched the first episode. (It's called Sailormoon Crystal if you want to watch it but it's only in Japanese with English subtitles right now). 
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When I finished the first episode I decided to read the manga's. I read all twelve in just two days. After doing that I thought I would write a post on manga's and what I like and dislike about them. Sailormoon is the only recent one that I read and basically what I'm comparing it to. (I did read some others back in middle school). 

1. Sometimes its hard to figure out what's going on. 
Between the pictures and short dialogue sometimes I find following manga's hard to do. I got lost so many times in those twelve books. I had to go back and try and decode what was happening. That is something you usually don't encounter while reading a book. 
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2. The characters all look the same.
Without color added many of the characters look exactly the same and it's hard to see which one is doing what. With Sailormoon she has a daughter who's hairstyle looks like her own. When they are both the same size (when her daughter is grown up) it's hard to figure out who is who. 
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3. I find the action scenes boring 
Maybe I just don't like action scenes in mangas because I find myself flipping through them way to fast. I get bored and want to get to the character development and other plot. 
Alice In Wonderland Bored animated GIF

Do any of you like reading manga's? If so could you recommend me any ones that are better than Sailormoon? 

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