Friday, July 4, 2014

Confessions of a Literary Shopaholic: Abe Books

Today for Confessions of a Literary Shopaholic I thought I would talk about an amazing website I found recently. By recently I mean about eight months ago while at college. That website is

What is Abe Books? Its an online retailer where indie and used book stores can sell their books. You can buy something from the UK or right in your home state. When you shop on Abe Books you are supporting small bookstores and not Amazon (I'm sure you've heard about the mess with them by now).

Another great part of Abe Books? The prices are always insanely cheap! As an English major I'm always buying dozen of classics for class. If I buy all of them from my University book store the prices would really add up. In one of my introductory classes they told us about Abe Books where all the classic novels you need are much cheaper. This website has saved me a ton of money for my books for class and I know I'll be using it throughout the next three years as a finish school and much longer after that.

Next time you are looking for a new novel to read make sure you check out


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