Sunday, June 1, 2014

Book Expo America 2014 Recap

This was my third time attending BEA, and I think it was my favorite so far. Since this is also the first time that I was over 18, I was able to travel to the city by myself and really do it on my own. I think that was really good for me, I was able to meet more people and really do everything that I wanted to do. Yet, next year I would like to bring someone with me because it’s nice to split up the events. I would also like to stay in the city on year but that would probably be when it moves to Chicago if I attend it then.

The first day I showed up at the Javit’s Center around 8 oclock. Checked my bag, and picked up my press badge. All things that I’ve done in previous years. But I have to say, I was annoyed that the Expo didn’t have lanyards this year. (pins can ruin shirts) 

Most of the day I attended signings, where I met some awesome people.The best way to meet other bloggers, authors, and other book professionals is in the autograph lines. They’re in line for the same book so they have a similar interest as you which is always great. I met a ton other young adult bloggers that way. Everyone of them was super nice and fun to talk to! That has to be my favorite part of BEA, all the people that you get to meet.
Scott Westerfeld
The second day I got to see Scott Westerfeld and Kiera Cass (a couple of my favorite authors!) I was so excited to see them. I even got a picture with Kiera. This was my second time I’ve met her. The first was at a BEA four years ago, before the Selection even came out. Here’s the picture from 2011 compared to the picture from this BEA.
2011 (when we got lanyards)
2014 (landyard-less)

*fun fact - I actually wore that purple shirt to BEA this year (the first day) and Melissa Mar complimented it*
On Friday I also got to meet Lauren Oliver for the first time which was INCREDIBLE. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lauren Oliver and all her books. I waited on that line for an hour and was one of the first people on line for the signing. However, I completely forgot to get a picture with her or even just a picture of her signing my book. That one of my top BEA regrets.
The last author that I was really excited to see was Cora Carmack. I have been working on her street team for All Lined Up and was really excited to FINALLY meet her! I got to meet a few of the other street team members at BEA. It was great getting to meet the people that you work online with for months. That is another highlight of the things you can do at BEA. Sadly I missed the Cora Carmack panel at BookCon.

Since this post is getting long I’m going to write about BookCon in another post. I actually brought from friends to BookCon. They only attended BookCon and not BEA. They are going to write (or make a video) about their experience and what they thought of the event. The two of them are actually going to take over a day on With A Book! I’m pretty excited about it. Can’t wait for you guys to meet them. Their introduction post will be up on Thursday!

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