Monday, June 6, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part One Trailer.

I don't talk about Twilight very often on here, mostly because I'm not as obsessed as I use to be. I really enjoyed the books, actually I loved the books. I read Twilight back when I was in 6th grade and I waited for each book to come out. I don't like the movie's to much. I could probably go on for pages and pages about what I do and don't like about the movies (examples: Twilight was all GREEN and Robert Pattinson doesn't play Edward the way I see him, Edward had fun sometimes he wasn't always serious like Rob makes him) but this post is not about that I think about the movies it's about the trailer that was released yesterday!

I"ll stop talking (writing) so you can watch it if you haven't scene it yet.

Now here's Kaleb Nation's reaction. I love his video's so I had to post it.

Now my thoughts on the trailer:

I really liked seeing everyone's reaction to the invitation. Charlie upset, Renee happy, Aro...well being Aro, and then Jacob. I love Taylor Lautner and I think he did that perfectly and of course they threw the shirtless part in there.

Then you get to the wedding, which I have to agree with Kaleb why is it outside? He's suppose to be a vampire and stay away from the sun and well it looked sunny.

The headboard? Oh course they going to put that in there. Plus Edward throwing Jacob, I know it's been a long time since I read the book but I don't remember that.

Then the baby bump! Well now everyone that didn't read the books knows she gets pregnant.  And last part of my trailer rambling, I promise, what is with Edward's face? Odd.

Anyway I can't wait to see the movie, hopefully it will be better then the last three. Are you a Twilight fan and are you excited?

I promise tomorrow will be an actual book review. :)

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